Mission and vision

PRIMALL S.H.P.K. is a part of the PRIMA GROUP International Corporation specializing in the import and distribution of leading tobacco products.

PRIMALL S.H.P.K. at the beginning of its founding, was intended to become a company that will be successful in its business and recognizable by its qualities and services that it offers. It means for us to constantly monitor and improve our services in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Today, we can not say that we have succeeded in everything, but we believe that we are a successful company in the domain of import and distribution.

The satisfaction of our clients is our satisfaction and motive for achieving even greater successes, we are in the constant race to satisfy the needs of our customers by making our products available anytime at any place.

We have chosen the trust of our consumers long time ago, so our goal and pleasure is that it will never change.